Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Why I like Fantasy Football

I'm entering my seventh year playing fantasy football. Some people don't grasp and even belittle the concept. I think it serves an interesting purpose in the cubicle/service industry age in which we currently find ourselves.

1. It builds camaraderie among co-workers and associates. My first league contains mostly co-workers and it was great way to get to know people outside of the work setting.

2. There's a mental aspect to the game that can't be denied! A lot of people, even fellow players, believe luck is the dominant characteristic. In my experience, I've found that you make your own luck and when bad luck hits; how you react can make the difference between having a respectable, winning season and having a miserable one.

3. For me, the competition is a lot of fun. It fills a competitive need that my other activities just don't provide. While I am physically active, I don't participate in any competitive sports. Didn't do it in high school either, mostly due to lack of ability. Winning and losing and corresponding thrill and agony are a lot of fun. Even the losing part!

4. I have a couple friends who play in family leagues and it seems like a great way to bring family together.

5. When your team isn't having a good year, it's a great distraction.

Coming off two championships last year and having negative experiences in the past (a two-win season, losing in heartbreaking manner in the playoffs a couple times), I've experienced it all now. I'll continue to play and enjoy the game. And I recommend it to all football fans. The key to enjoying it is to not get obsessed (which I was the first couple years) and remember IT'S ONLY A GAME.

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