Thursday, August 5, 2010

The "should-be" standard-bearers of the NFL

After Brett Favre's 3 attempted retirements, I think it's safe to say everyone (fans, media, probably teammates, coaches and even Brett's dog) is sick and tired of his prima donna act. Between him, Big Ben and Brady's model wife telling every mother to breast-feed, it's easy to forget that there are exceptional quarterbacks in the NFL that aren't embroiled in some type of controversy.

First up, Drew Brees of the defending Super Bowl Champion New Orleans Saints. He is an all-around good guy, eschewing the larger market Miami Dolphins to join the Saints when he hit free agency only a year after Hurricane Katrina devastated the Big Easy. Happily married, he's thrown himself into the community. Brees also has overcame a negative relationship with his now deceased mother. The fact that he is the league's smallest starting QB makes the tremendous success he's had on the field all the more impressive.

Aaron Rodgers is the other QB that I wish was more prominent in the national conversation. ESPN the Magazine (sorry, can't link it) has a great article on the Green Bay Packers QB and how he worked through disappointment after disappointment throughout his football career, including a non-relationship with would-be mentor Brett Favre. Rodgers also QBed both my fantasy teams to championships last year, which I suppose makes me somewhat biased.

When following the run-up to the start of the NFL season this summer, don't forget about these quarterbacks from "flyover country." Not only are they good guys, but they'll probably outplay those other guys that get all the attention.

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