Saturday, August 28, 2010

More fun links....ok maybe not "fun" except one.

A few interesting, under-the-radar links:

Krauthammer at his awesomest.

For anyone that thinks the MSM is still unbiased. The fact that ABC is attempting these shenanigans is semi-surprising. I thought with Jake Tapper getting a little more play; they were starting to get their house in order.

The final serious article is from a liberal questioning other libs about why multiculturalism has seemingly trumped Islamic religious abuses. It's quite good, but I have serious issues with the second-to-last sentence:

This muddled thinking allows the American religious and political Right to misrepresent itself as the chief defender of Enlightenment values.

So wrong. No one ideology has an exclusive license to defend Enlightenment values. "Political correctness" and relativism have become greater priorities for the Left than freedom and liberty. The Right is filling a moral vacuum. Ideally, all Americans (and anyone else who considers themselves part of or allied with "the West") would be united against stoning, genital mutilation, execution for apostasy and honor killings that mar Islam.

Now that I got that off my chest; here's something we all can enjoy.....

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