Monday, April 5, 2010

Read and React: Obama Limits When U.S. Would Use Nuclear Arms

Taken from the New York Times.

One of the only things I have been happy about regarding President Obama has been the use of Predator drones in the Afghanistan/Pakistan border regions against Al Qaeda and the Taliban. I've also been pleased that he has pushed our allies to supply more troops to the Af/Pak theater. This new nuclear policy is the equivalent of placing a one ton block on the other side of a scale that holds a couple one pound weights.

I am deeply disturbed by this. Obama is basically sending an invitation to any terrorist actor or hostile nation to attack us using any means BUT nuclear. What will he do if an American city comes under chemical attack? Unleash the mustard gas? Please.

Our nuclear weapons are our greatest deterrent against ANY type of attack by ANY nation. To limit the use of nuclear arms to a small list of nations that doesn't include Iran (for now), Venezuela, Syria, Libya or Cuba is foolish at best, masochistic at worst.

It's time for a brave Congressman (or woman) to draw up Articles of Impeachment.

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