Sunday, April 11, 2010

Decisions, decisions...

Unfortunately, the frequency of posts has suffered quite a bit after a promising start. Fortunately, I will be taking my long-planned vacation for 11 days. If I have time, I may post while on vacation, but I am not planning on it. After I return (on the week of the 26th), I plan to increase my frequency, in part, by concentrating on shorter posts. Wish me luck on that.

Until then, here's a quick preview of what I hope to be talking about soon:

1. The PA-12 Special Election and GOP Primary. The Special will be one of the only races where a direct rebuke of the Democrats agenda is possible. As I promised before, this will be controversial and rile some people up. With the election not until May 18th, I feel it's best to postpone comment until we get a little closer.

2. My profile of a little band from England that has inspired me to blog and get more involved. And reasons why I think they may just be a tiny bit Libertarian and why they'll never admit to it.

3. How the term "critical thinking" has been absconded by the Left. And what the Right can do about it.

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